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Hillary Clinton Is Suffering From Depression?
Hillary Clinton speaking at Children's Defense Fund gala following election loss.

When Hillary Clinton attended her first public event following her defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, many were stunned by the change in her appearance.  In video of the speech given by Clinton at a gala for the Children's Defense Fund, the former presidential hopeful appeared tired and less upbeat than she had during her campaign. Her usual perfectly-styled hair and makeup were also noticeably absent. Many even suggested that she appeared older that she had prior to election day.  Could it be that Clinton is suffering from depression? ...continue reading "Hillary Clinton Is Suffering From Depression?"

sleep and seasonal affective disorderAccording to a February 22, 2016 report appearing in PNAS, scientists have discovered a gene which may provide a link between certain patterns of sleep and seasonal affective disorder.

Seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression which is characterized by its tendency to recur during a particular season each year. Although it can occur during summer, it more commonly affects people during the winter months when the hours of daylight become shorter. It is believed that those who tend to suffer from seasonal affective disorder have brains which are more sensitive to the lack of exposure to light, causing their circadian rhythm to be more easily disturbed. ...continue reading "Seasonal Affective Disorder and Sleep Patterns: Genetic Link Found"