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Paperclips asked 2 years ago

I have the fun combination of depression and social anxiety, I recognize I have these issues and I am usually good at coping with them. I am not on any medications, was in the past and didn’t feel it helped. I had originally called off work the first day for being physically sick and felt a little depressed the next day feeling like I had let my employer down. Each subsequent day my anxiety increased from thinking about not being there in the busiest week of the year, letting my coworkers down and thinking about the possibility of getting fired. It has now been two weeks and my anxiety is through the roof. I like my job, my coworkers and I think it is ideal for someone who has issues like I do and would really like to stay there. I’m ready to go back but I’m not sure who to talk to, what to say, or if there’s anything I need to do before. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and/or have any advice? I’d love to hear feedback.

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Mango answered 2 years ago

it is likely you will need a doctors note to return to work after that long of an absence.  Your doctor can indicate you were ill but now are cleared to return to work.