What to do when you feel an episode coming on

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clunnn asked 2 years ago

I have been struggling with my (clinically diagnosed) mental health disorder for 7 years now(F,19) Recently there has been a few stressors that I can identify but nothing out of the ordinary. I can feel myself spiraling down into an episode and im very scared. I take my medication regularly and have been really on top of it for the past year. Ive done therapy, practice CBT and mindfulness, Im eating better and exercising. Yet I have this very strong urge to isolate myself, not talk to anyone, and Im begging to have difficulties keeping my immediate environments clean and organized, (room, backpack, kitchen etc) which is normally a sign of a spiral for me.  Im sleeping 12-16 hours of the day, and having avery hard time getting out of bed. I haven’t had an episode in about a year and Im afraid. Im sure it will only last for the winter but so much good things are about to happen to me and I feel so cheated because this is horrible timing. 
Anyway, I need some tips and tricks people use to keep them going when they feel an episode coming on. I let my friends know, I told my work and im trying to stick to a routine/schedule that is easy for my to follow and accomplish. Im so tired of my head being my biggest threat. Plz send life hacks for depression

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blooHOST Staff answered 2 years ago

You mentioned that you are sure that it will only last for the winter and you haven’t had an episode for about a year.  Are you diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder?  If not, I’d bring that up you next time you see your doctor.  The reason being that I also have seasonal affective disorder and knowing this is something that I personally find a huge help.  It helps looking at the calender and knowing when to expect it and when it will always end.
As far as dealing with it while I’m in the middle of it, like you, I know the signs when I’m spiraling down.  That’s when I make sure to take action to do things that lift me back up.  I keep a close eye on my self-talk and that helps a lot.  If I catch myself thinking negative thoughts, I use what I learned in CBT to turn my thoughts around.  That helps tremendously.  I’ve found that I can literally talk myself right into a depression just by allowing my thoughts to go to a dark place.  If I consciously turn my thoughts around to positive things though, I can also talk myself back out of a dark place.  Other things that help are having people that I can confide in and talk about my problems with.  Also, it helps when I force myself to get out among people rather than isolating.
Wishing you well.  I hope some of these ideas help.