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Christian asked 1 month ago

I hate my life and am sorry I was born. I don’t know what to do. Antidepressants don’t seem to help and I am not up for ECT. I feel as though I live in a society (United States) which is basically a slave society and people who try to be free and decent wind up having enormous amounts of trouble because of course they are not the norm. Would anyone care to offer any free advice about how to live so that I won’t be so unhappy?

Created4Purpose316HOST replied 2 days ago

Hello, I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time. I hear you and i am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. We offer one on one phone chats with a host if that would be helpful? We are here to help and be a support.

Try to take one day at a time. What has made you start hating your life?