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Barb asked 2 years ago

Hi i have had depression I was told I have borderline personality? My mom and sister were not great dismissive, unkind . My mom is 81 and still does understand I have limits . My medication effexor stopped working last fall I am trying to do my best. My mom gets on my case me about exercise etc. I fell and broke my knee cap last year still not working. My mom forgets this ignore this. So I switched medication and wellbutrin is now working. I am vulnerable, pretty shaky but my mom is not understanding. My sister tells me to forgive her for my peace my mom is still not understanding,sensitive to what my limits are and her accepting that..my mom pushes me on exercise, diet never stops…I will not take unkind unhelpful constant remarks. Advice please I hurts me, angers me she will not understand or back off .my sister just shut me down saying she will not discuss this so she is saying accept bad behavior from my mom and she will not have my back . What is that

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blooHOST Staff answered 2 years ago

I’m really sorry that your mom is not able to understand what you are going through.  Unfortunately, at her age, she may never be able to change.  She’s had a life time of thinking a certain way and that probably won’t go away any time soon.  That doesn’t mean it’s ok for her to treat you this way, or that you have to sit back and take it, but it does mean that you may have to find a way to accept her as she is rather than hoping she will change.