The Non well known aunt in my life with cancer scares

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Sum asked 2 years ago

This is a question for anyone that may possibly answer helpfully. My aunt, whom I am not the closest too being I am shy around her, is coming back from a surgery. She has had plenty of experience with cancer and judges people clearly and is a brute honest kind of person. I don’t know if that changes my willing attempts, whatever they may be. But I would like to find the courage to say something. Honestly, all I can think to ask is how are you doing and I’m really really glad to see you, Aunt. What are you planning on doing today? How’s football. Love you lots, just so you know, thanks for being here. I still no nothing about cancer, I know nothing about those kinds and depths and challenges of pain. I deal with depression and other things. I don’t want to try and have a conversation in the midst of whatever is having and not really get through, having that make me want to disappear. Looking for your best advice. Thanks to anyone who gives it a shot. I appreciate your help in advance. 

Sum replied 2 years ago

I want to help. (Whatever is happening*

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blooHOST Staff answered 2 years ago

I feel like you should give it a try.  Yes, it may not go well, but it may go really well too.  If things don’t go well, then know that is just her and you gave it your best shot.  You have nothing to feel bad about because you tried.  It’s worth trying I think because sometimes when people are faced with their mortality it can soften them and make them more accepting.  You may end up having a really good relationship with her if so.  Good luck and please let us know how it goes.