Mood swings

mezmil13 asked 3 years ago

I’m suffering from major mood swings due to suspected bipolar and it’s putting a strain on my relationship. I don’t know what to do to get them under control. Any ideas? 

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Aleksander answered 3 years ago

Hi mezmil13,
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Controlling mood swings can be hard, but it is possible. My best advise I can give is to talk to a therapist and finding techniques that works for you with your therapist.
Personally, I try to get some perspective. Try to take a step back, and reflect over what just happened. Did something happen that could trigger the mood swing? What am I feeling right now? Is there something stressful going on in my life? Was there something that upset me?
Understanding your mood swings are important. It’s smart to write down some answers for the questions above. After a while you, or a therapist, might be able to find a pattern. When you find the pattern, and understand the mood swings, it’s easier to prevent situations where you usually get mood swings.
One very common trigger for mood swings are stress. When I notice that I get stressed, I have to take a step back. I try to find out what am I stressing about? Is there a rational reason to be stressed?
HelpGuide has written a great article “Bipolar Disorder Self-Help“. You can find lots of resources and information:
If you want to learn more about bipolar disorder, they also have a article called “Bipolar Disorder Signs and Symptoms“:

Shristy answered 2 years ago

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