Is there any way to stop feeling bad about myself without drugs?

Questions and AnswersCategory: QuestionsIs there any way to stop feeling bad about myself without drugs?
MaddyClaire asked 2 years ago

I always ‘shout’ at myself in my head, telling myself how everything that I do is wrong, or how badly I’m doing at that moment. Sometimes I even reminisce about stuff I’ve done in the past that I regret. I’m only 13, I’m too young to be feeling like this. But I do. If I tell someone, I’m worried they’ll shove all these drugs into me, but I don’t want that. Are there coping strategies or anything else I can do by myself to help ease my pain?

Shristy replied 2 years ago

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KelleyHOST replied 11 months ago

What Are the Benefits of Self-Talk?

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DarkseekerHOST answered 2 years ago

Do you have a support system in place? For example, friends or family that you can talk to about how you are feeling? Have you thought about talking with your school counselor about how you feel?

Pippin answered 2 years ago

Yes there is a way to stop feeling bad about yourself without drugs. Generally drugs will make things worse as it gives you an upper for a while and then you crash and get even lower. Don’t do drugs. There is CBT that will teach you to stop labelling yourself negatively and help you to identify negative thinking styles that make you feel bad. Do talk to your family, friends and teachers and tell them how you feel so that they can give you some support.
God bless

Clarepaq answered 2 years ago

I’m not sure if you are still on here, but I hope so. I came on here looking for support, too. I just needed to tell you that I really admire you. It takes a lot of guts and maturity to get on this site at 13 years old. My daughter is only one year younger than you. I worry that she will go through this, too, because changing hormones will do this sometimes.  I think you are just super impressive and wish you well. Lots of love to you. Feel better.

pebbletogem answered 11 months ago

I feel good about myself when I’m able to do something for someone.. help them with anything.. Even if it’s a small thing like picking up for them something thst  they dropped .. it charges me up ..feels good.