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Ash asked 2 years ago

Hi, m new to the concept of online forums for help, but from past 2 years m struggling with my life n just can’t seem to find any help to cope up . The text that follows is gonna be really long…
I have been a very high scoring person since childhood, academically very strong. I had one of my main exams 2 years ago, n I got thru with flying colour. I expected that things will go on for the next year as well, i.e 11th grade and 12th, that I would approach the new academic year with the normal enthusiasm I do with every year. I even did, but the previous year’s work had left me exhausted, I wanted a break desperately, which I did, a 2 month break. But after that I still couldn’t concentrate. Then I got typhoid which took 25 days to heal, after which I had my exams. My usual attitude to such situations is to fight struggle and then conquer the challenge. I have done it before also. But this time something different happened. I I gave up the challenge. I did not even fight. I accepted that I can’t score in those exams at all.  This was just the start. After which, my concentration was a never to be found again. I lost my motivation and my confidence. Very surprisingly, it didn’t affect me that I failed in one of the subject, n m the same person who was always the topper of the school.  My grades stopped matterin, and iI developed claustrophobia. Cut to the next year, I started having panic attacks, still so distracted. 
I feel no remorse for my bad grades which might as well turn into a disaster in the near future for me.
I have always been an introvert, but I may a chatterbox with the people I know and trust. I don’t exactly have a social life either, n that’s fine for me, it works. It always has, right from childhood. 
The worst part is that my parents are very very supportive of me and always try to cheer me up, and assure that I have the capability to do bette. They get what I want n I m a pampered kid. N I feel miserable that even though they are doing so much for me, I can’t seem to help myself n get my confidence back. 
I visited a psychologist earlier, but he was very bad, n not helpful. M unable to explain my parents what I mean going through. I really really need some help.

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DarkseekerHOST answered 2 years ago

What was it about the psychologist that made him bad? I know that for me, it takes time to get to know a psychologist, how they work and I eventually build trust with them. What keeps you from explaining how you feel to your parents? Do you feel they are not supportive, or is it that you are afraid to speak to them? I only ask these questions to try and understand the situation you are in. We look forward to hearing back from you.