I just want to write down how I feel

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Lumikko asked 2 years ago

Good morning everyone. I’ve never posted anything on any website like this before but I’m hoping it’ll help. I travel a lot for work and my partner is usually home. This week we’re both traveling for work (separately) and it’s somehow making things harder. I feel very alone and he’s difficult to talk to being away too. 
I feel selfish but I feel sad, lost, and a little jealous. Our relationship is great but we’ve had some speed bumps related to his anxiety – not wanted to travel, not going out together, along with a host of other things. He’s been doing wonderfully since starting therapy and medications and a lot of things are easy for him to work through now. I’m so proud of his accomplishments but I wish they included us and me. He still won’t go out with me. We still don’t go places. It sounds so silly and childish but it’s ruminating and making things harder for me. I’ve talked to him but it resulted in a very uncomfortable conversation with him stating he knew I’d say something like that and it isn’t fair. 
I know this is mostly just rambling but I wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions for how to work through work travel related sadness and then the other issue too?
Thank you 

Created4Purpose316HOST replied 2 years ago

How long have you both known each other for? I don’t think it’s rambling it’s more of a healthy way of you expressing how you feel. Is there any signs that he shows that he does care about you? What if you try to do things that you enjoy when he travels? Try to find healthy ways of you distracting yourself to try to keep from being sad

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blooHOST Staff answered 2 years ago

Would it be a possibility for the two of you to attend some therapy sessions together?  That would give you an environment where you could express what you are feeling while there is a neutral third party there to mediate and help him feel less defensive.