How to rekindle friendships after being MAI with depression

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onebelow asked 5 months ago

Hi there, 
I’m looking for advice on how to rekindle friendships I’ve neglected while being depressed. I sort of stopped going out, replying to people’s messages, going on social media, and didn’t get in touch to wish people happy birthday or congratulate them for good news. 
I’ve been depressed for about 3 years, and this is my second ‘cycle’ of doing this. I was able to restart the friendships again for the most part, but I feel really embarrassed to be doing the same thing again. It feels like I’m trying to excuse myself for being a crappy friend.
I got in touch with someone in December and she didn’t text back. Not sure if I should keep trying or let her ghost me. 
Looking for advice on how to put into words how sorry I am, and how much I miss my friends. 

DarkseekerHIT replied 4 months ago

Honesty is best! A sit down with your friends would be a good start. Explain how you have been feeling, and let them know of the internal battles you have been fighting. If they are true friends they will understand and will welcome you with open arms.