Hello, i'm new.

Desendego24 asked 8 months ago

Hey, I’m new and wanted to know how I can help. I’ve recovered from ptsd, GAD, and depression and I want to help others through it. What would be your advice on how I can best help everyone here?

1 Answers
blooregardHOST Staff answered 8 months ago

I think the number one thing I can recommend is just being a supportive listener and also sharing with others what has helped you. Another way that many people decide to help out is by becoming a host and moderating the chat room.

Desendego24 replied 8 months ago

I always try to support those around me, I’m going to college to become an Art therapist. I’m interested in becoming a Host 🙂 .

blooregardHOST Staff replied 8 months ago

Email me at admin@depressionsanctuary.org and we can talk about how to do that. Thanks!