Chat Room

jspinn2000 asked 1 year ago

So how exactly does the chat room work? I know its for support and stuff but how am I supposed to find support with people I don’t know? Am I supposed to just open up to them?

1 Answers
blooHOST Staff answered 1 year ago


I know it can be hard at first when you don’t really know anyone. What I like to do personally is to just talk with people a bit about lighter topics until I get to know them better. People who come here tend to have a lot of experiences in common, for example depression, so they become friends pretty quickly. Then, it becomes easier to open up because you know that other people do understand what you are going through and won’t judge you for it. I think you’ll find yourself feeling a lot more comfortable soon. Hopefully someone else will reply too so you can get to know more people. See you in chat!