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Amy Lynn asked 12 months ago

I’m getting extremely frustrated here…all I’m trying to do is to find someone that might possibly understand well I’m going through so that I can find a reason to live just one more day… some reason I can’t sign in dot-dot-dot a big Square post thing popped up saying thanks for the generous support… I’m wondering if somehow my  credit cards I had on Google just paid the site for…!!??… for what?… Not being able to sign in? I’m so very depressed and for days have just been trying to talk to someone! PS at the very bottom after you put in your name in your email… I actually had to text my daughter to have her give me the answer to the math question… Are you understanding I have an inoperable brain aneurysm I’m trying to stay alive one more day because everybody else has to take care of me and I had to text my daughter to answer a math question so that I can try to get a help email out there? this is crazy… For years I’ve had the saying my life is a joke and I’m the punchline but I don’t get the freaking sense of humor… I’m going to kill that stork when I find the one with no sense of direction that dropped me off not just on the wrong doorway but on the wrong planet… wtf??

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blooHOST Staff answered 12 months ago

Hi, I’m really sorry you had such a frustrating experience logging in.
The pop up is related to a Gofundme campaign that we did a few weeks back to raise money to pay for the site’s expenses.  The thank you message should appear only once – the first time you visit the site.  It doesn’t mean you actually gave money or that we have access to your credit card.  We will never ask for any of your financial information.  Funds will be collected only through a third party like Gofundme or Paypal or through a check or money order made out to Depression Sanctuary, Inc.  So, rest assured, you will never make a donation to Depression Sanctuary unless you chose to do so.
As far as the math question, I hate it too.   Unfortunately our website hosting service insists on that added level of security.  They have had issues with people hacking in through our site and this prevents hackers from accessing their server.
Anyway, welcome to Depression Sanctuary!  We’re really happy that you hung in and joined.  If you ever need any assistance or have other questions, feel free to message us through the messaging system on the chat room or email me at