Lesson #10 – Treatment for Depressive Disorders

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14 comments on “Lesson #10 – Treatment for Depressive Disorders
  1. kindredspiritTRAINEE says:

    Read. So many resources in this lesson! Love it. 🙂

  2. SamiHOST says:

    In reference to 211 we in the uk have the samaritains 24 hours on 116 123 (UK)
    116 123 (ROI) . The whole process of finding a therapist is very very different.
    first call gp get referred to the crisis team or similar. Get an assessment appointment. If they deem fit they refer you a psychiatrist (rarely) or a psychologist which you have no choice in who you see and if you complain you get nothing. You have to go with who your given whether you get on with them or not the more you are fussy the less you get sadly. The process is all free but there is a years waiting list. (please remember i live on a unique island too)

  3. AleksanderHOST says:


  4. ElenaTRAINEE says:

    Read. My brain is on overload. Glad I can come back and read this again!

  5. Created4Purpose316TRAINEE says:

    Read it, I will have to reread this a few times to remember everything

    • blooregardHOST says:

      Don’t feel like you have to memorize everything. As long as you get the important points and know where to look back to find the information, you will be fine.

  6. Haley_LoongTRAINEE says:

    Read. So much information and such useful informative.

  7. kimmystar says:

    Read; no questions. Thanks!

  8. Bliss says:

    Read, lot of information

  9. dukestreet311 says:

    Read…no questions

  10. Magnolia says:

    I’ve read this. It was a lot, but I don’t have any questions so far.

  11. Welcome says:

    Read, no questions.

  12. kank03 says:

    Read, no questions!

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