Welcome to Depression Sanctuary!

Depression Sanctuary offers free services to everyone affected by mental health issues. At our website you can find resources, connect with understanding people and get the support you need. Welcome to Depression Sanctuary.

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What is Depression Sanctuary?
Depression Sanctuary is your safe place, where you can find resources, help and comfort. It’s a place where you can find people in the same situation, and people that understand what you’re going through. All our services are free!
Chat Rooms
We provide safe and moderated chat rooms which everyone can use. In the chat we talk about everything, and there’s few limitations. We have some guidelines and rules so we can keep the chat a peaceful place to be.
Questions & Answers
Our staff and members are ready to answer all your questions. No questions is too little or too big, and no question is stupid. This is a place where you can ask questions without being judged or made fun of.
Our chat rooms are moderated by staff members called hosts.  Hosts are volunteers who also suffer from depression who want to give back to the community by sharing what they have learned in their journeys of healing.

While we do not provide professional services, many of our hosts do hold qualifications in fields such as social work or nursing.  Several are also involved in other mental health non-profits like NAMI.

Including and friendly community
Being new can be scary! But our community is based on respect, understanding, inclusion and love. In both the chat and “Questions And Answers” you can find hosts. A host is a trained person that moderates, provide support and resources and include everyone in the conversations.
Useful links and resources
We have gathered some useful links for you, that provides safe and trustworthy information. Simply click here to look at the links we have gathered for you. Do you have a link you would link to share with us? Or maybe a blog? Use the form at the bottom of the list over useful links.
Suicide Hotline And Crisis Resources
Are you feeling suicidal? Sometimes life can be hard, and everything can seem hopeless. Please be aware that we are not a crisis line. If you are considering suicide, please call either 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255 in the U.S. Other options are available here.
What people has said about us
At this page you are among others who have been there. Having others to talk to who have been where you are can be freeing and can offer insights into your situation.
– feigncontentment, chat host

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