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Lesson #5 – Kinder/Gentler Hosting

1. PUT YOURSELF IN THE PERSON’S SHOES. It’s their pain and real to them. Someone whose boyfriend broke up with them is suffering a loss that can be as painful to them as the loss of another person whose friend just died. Don’t evaluate

Lesson #4 – Writing Reports

Hosts should send a room report to the Facebook page after hosting only if there is a problem in the room that other hosts should know about or if a chatter is in need. Please keep the following in mind

Lesson #3 – The Notebook and Looseleaf

During the course of hosting you will speak with a lot of chatters. You will find that hosting increases your popularity and now members who never spoke to you will seek you out. Our memories are not always reliable. It

Lesson #2 – Host Responsibilities/Procedures

1. Keep up-to-date with the private host Facebook page. Visit the Depression Sanctuary Chat Hosts Facebook page to stay in the loop about what’s happening in the chat room. You’ll find hosts’ reports, new policies, problems (and hopefully solutions), information

Lesson #1 – Hosting Philosophy

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