Meet our new chat!

We are proud to introduce you to our brand new chat room software. The new chat room have all of the old features, and some new.

# Chat everywhere – Our new chat works in the same way on all computes, tablets and phones.

# Friend list – You can now make your own friend list. This allows you to send messages to your friends even if they are offline.

# Private chat – We are reintroducing one of our previous functions; private chats. You can now have a private chat with other chatters.

# Chat rooms – You will find all our current chat rooms; main room, chit chat and sensitive topics.

# Profile picture – You can now upload your own profile picture. It will be displayed in your profile, and will be visible next to your username.

# Text settings – You can now personalize your messages even more! You can now add text color, background color and more!

.. and much more!

If you need help using the new chat, feel free to contact our technical support.