Introducing: Chit Chat

Dear Members,

You may have noticed that we have added a new chat room: Chit Chat. We realize that people have many different needs. Sometimes, you need to discuss very serious topics and know that you have the full support of the room. And, sometimes, you need to simply be around other people and distract yourself with lighter conversation. Most of the time those two things coexist with each other quite well. But, sometimes the room topic becomes too heavy or triggering. Or you just don’t feel like talking about depression, but want to be around people. Or you’re having a good conversation with someone that’s off-topic, but you really want to continue it without disrupting the support that’s going on. Now, when these situations come up, you can grab a friend and head over to the Chit Chat room.

We hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “Introducing: Chit Chat”

    1. Kind of a general purpose chat room where people can hang out if they need a distraction, but don’t necessarily want to talk about depression or any heavy topics.

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