21 thoughts on “Lesson #1 – Hosting Philosophy”

  1. I’m thankful we have a reminder in this lesson that we are lay people, not professional therapists. Our goal is to listen, encourage, show understanding, and demonstrate love and compassion. One concern or question I have is with the chatter who doesn’t want to get professional help and continues to use the room or hosts to discuss the same things over and over. I’m a patient woman, but I have my limits when it comes to folks who won’t give therapy a try when talking in the room is getting them no where. If this is addressed in a later lesson, ignore this.

    1. The way I look at it is sometimes it’s hard for people to take that step of asking for help. Maybe they’re on a tight budget or they’re worried what others will think about them or they don’t have the support they need in real life. Until they can solve whatever issue is holding them back, they probably aren’t going to seek professional help, despite our best attempts. In those cases, the best thing we can do is continue to provide them with information, support and caring. If they keep coming back, then we are helping them. The fact that we don’t see immediate results doesn’t mean they aren’t getting something out of it or that we aren’t succeeding in nudging them one step closer to seeking help.

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