Sara asked 9 months ago

I’m always the first person to mess up a simple task or accidentally break something. Everyone will be better off without me. How can I fix myself?

3 Answers
blooHOST Staff answered 9 months ago

Hi Sara,
The important thing to realize is that we all make mistakes.  We just notice our own more than we do other people’s.  I don’t think you need fixing at all.  You just need to learn how to love and accept yourself.  I know that feels difficult to do, but you deserve it.  You’re a good and worthy person.

angelinal25 answered 5 months ago

Hi Sara i think these are the symptoms of anxiety and depression i have faced this issue for a long period and some medicines help me to overcome it hope it will also help you.

kara121 answered 3 months ago

well you lack focus. big time to be honest, the main thing you go through is the mental peace and relaxation which is most useful to do any thing, even the odd jobs. I would recommend you xanax green bars that can help you relax