Need a Host?

Are you experiencing a problem in chat and need a host?

If it’s a technical issue with the site, you can email us at Please be as descriptive as possible in explaining the issue. What day and time did it occur? What browser/operating system are you using? What exactly happened when the problem occurred? Include a screen shot of the problem if you can.

Having a problem with another chatter? While we are doing our best to train more hosts, it can be difficult to keep a host in the room at all hours. For your safety, we now have a new feature in the chat room that allows you to ignore other chatters who are making rude, abusive or triggering comments. To access this feature, mouse over something that the offending chatter has typed in the room. You will see a pop up that includes a picture of a person with an “X” over his mouth. Click this and you will no longer be able to see what they are typing. While it may be tempting to engage with the chatter and fight them, please refrain from doing so. We’ve found that trolls are usually doing what they do in an attempt to get a reaction out of you. If you put them ignore, they will soon get bored and leave.

If a particular chatter is causing ongoing problems or seems particularly dangerous to the room, you may contact us at to make a report. Please be sure to include the date/time/your time zone, the chatter’s username and a description of what occurred so we can investigate what happened. Screen shots are very helpful as well.