Suicide and Substance Abuse: How You Can Help a Loved One

Suicide and Substance Abuse
Photo via Pixabay by RyanMcGuire.

According to recent studies, individuals who have been treated for alcohol or substance abuse are about 10 times more likely than members of the general population to die by suicide. The news is often filled with stories of celebrities and others in the public eye who battled a very private addiction and then ended their lives, leaving their loved ones wondering how it could have happened. The link between suicide and substance abuse clear, but what can we do to help?
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Suicide and Men: Risks and Resources for Help

Suicide and Men
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Suicide is a tragedy that impacts all types of people in the United States. While it can impact all different kinds of families, there are some characteristics that can signal those who are most at risk of considering suicide. Those who are having suicidal thoughts need to know that there are resources that can provide help immediately and there are some long-term prevention strategies that can help those at risk transition to a healthier life.

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